Monday, December 28, 2009

After a knee surgery, and busy Thanksgiving and Christmas... we made it through!

So let's see here!  It's my turn to write hence why this is soo late!! ;) Well the past couple of months have been REALLY busy/crazy!! I am soo lucky to have such an amazing wife!  She put up with alot over the last few months!

On November 24th I FINALLY had my knee surgery (ACL Reconstruction) after about 3 years! Haha.  So as you can imagine I was pretty immobile, and we were not able to go very far for Thanksgiving!  Our families were soo great and brought Sarah and I some leftover Thanksgiving feasts! Thank you to Terry, Jerry and Family for supplying us with the food!!  Overall we had a great Thanksgiving in our new place.

As far as my knee, it is going GREAT!!  I am soo happy I had it done!  I am just amazed at what they can do nowadays.  I have had no pain at all, and was back to work in 6 days!  I am currently going to physical therapy 2 times a week. They have me walking without my brace, and I am ALMOST able to walk without a limp!  Haha.  It's getting better and better everyday!  The reason I have the GREATEST wife in the world is because the 2 weeks I could not get around so well she waited on me hand and foot!  PREGNANT and ALL!  And she did not complain once!  She would cook and bring me dinner, then clean up after!  She would do my laundry and clean the house while I was stuck on the couch!!  Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the day of my surgery she came home from work with a  Samsung 42" LCD TV!!  I just about died when she walking in the door with it!! (Thanks Dan for helping her!)  So I know who is going to be getting up at 2,4,5 am with our baby girl!!  Mom gets to sleep, she already waited on a baby for the last month!! (ME) 

Second half of December was all about Kaylah's room (Yep, that's pretty much her name now!)  Tom and Sally were nice enough to buy the crib and dresser for baby Kaylah!!   Since we knew we were getting the dresser and crib soon, we had Sarah's brothers, Dan and Andrew, help us get the room painted, which only took about an hour with Andrew's PROFESSIONAL taping skills and Dan's painting ability!!  Then my parents came over on Sunday 12/19 and helped us get the border up!  Now we were ready for the furniture!  Tom and Dan delivered them to us Tuesday last week,  I felt soo bad (AGAIN) because I cant lift anything with my knee and walk up stairs!! Haha.... I swear that I have never been soo useless as I have been this year!

Christmas was amazing this year!! We were able to split the time between the families well since they only live about 2 minutes from each other!  It was great being able to spend time with the Piersons on Christmas day!  We played ping pong and had a delicious prime rib!!  Sarah and I both got lots of fun stuff, and everyone seemed to have fun shopping for a baby girl because we got tons of baby clothes! (Thank you everyone).

After Christmas Sarah and I made time to get the crib put together and get Kaylah's room finished!  We set aside all of Saturday morning to get the crib put together because of all the crib assembly horror stories we had heard prior!  So after about 20 minutes of opening the box, Sarah and I had the crib put together, bumper on, and all the animals on the crib!  We are convinced that we must have gotten the easiest crib in the world to assemble, haha!  Now that we have that done, Kaylah's room looks great, and she has nicer furniture than Sarah and I do!! We spent Sunday cleaning/ rearranging our house, and then had a birthday dinner for my mom with Kevin and Janice at my parents place, and had some amazing food and company!!  A perfect ending to an amazing weekend... by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

So for New years Sarah and I are going to spend it with Kenny and Amie keeping it low-key and relaxing!  On New Years day Sarah and I are going to The Farm House Inn, in Forestville, Ca which is just north west of Santa Rosa!  We could not be more excited about getting away for a relaxing weekend up North in the Wine Country!  Now it's Sarah's turn and I am sure she will update a lot faster than I did!!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!!!

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