Monday, December 28, 2009

After a knee surgery, and busy Thanksgiving and Christmas... we made it through!

So let's see here!  It's my turn to write hence why this is soo late!! ;) Well the past couple of months have been REALLY busy/crazy!! I am soo lucky to have such an amazing wife!  She put up with alot over the last few months!

On November 24th I FINALLY had my knee surgery (ACL Reconstruction) after about 3 years! Haha.  So as you can imagine I was pretty immobile, and we were not able to go very far for Thanksgiving!  Our families were soo great and brought Sarah and I some leftover Thanksgiving feasts! Thank you to Terry, Jerry and Family for supplying us with the food!!  Overall we had a great Thanksgiving in our new place.

As far as my knee, it is going GREAT!!  I am soo happy I had it done!  I am just amazed at what they can do nowadays.  I have had no pain at all, and was back to work in 6 days!  I am currently going to physical therapy 2 times a week. They have me walking without my brace, and I am ALMOST able to walk without a limp!  Haha.  It's getting better and better everyday!  The reason I have the GREATEST wife in the world is because the 2 weeks I could not get around so well she waited on me hand and foot!  PREGNANT and ALL!  And she did not complain once!  She would cook and bring me dinner, then clean up after!  She would do my laundry and clean the house while I was stuck on the couch!!  Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the day of my surgery she came home from work with a  Samsung 42" LCD TV!!  I just about died when she walking in the door with it!! (Thanks Dan for helping her!)  So I know who is going to be getting up at 2,4,5 am with our baby girl!!  Mom gets to sleep, she already waited on a baby for the last month!! (ME) 

Second half of December was all about Kaylah's room (Yep, that's pretty much her name now!)  Tom and Sally were nice enough to buy the crib and dresser for baby Kaylah!!   Since we knew we were getting the dresser and crib soon, we had Sarah's brothers, Dan and Andrew, help us get the room painted, which only took about an hour with Andrew's PROFESSIONAL taping skills and Dan's painting ability!!  Then my parents came over on Sunday 12/19 and helped us get the border up!  Now we were ready for the furniture!  Tom and Dan delivered them to us Tuesday last week,  I felt soo bad (AGAIN) because I cant lift anything with my knee and walk up stairs!! Haha.... I swear that I have never been soo useless as I have been this year!

Christmas was amazing this year!! We were able to split the time between the families well since they only live about 2 minutes from each other!  It was great being able to spend time with the Piersons on Christmas day!  We played ping pong and had a delicious prime rib!!  Sarah and I both got lots of fun stuff, and everyone seemed to have fun shopping for a baby girl because we got tons of baby clothes! (Thank you everyone).

After Christmas Sarah and I made time to get the crib put together and get Kaylah's room finished!  We set aside all of Saturday morning to get the crib put together because of all the crib assembly horror stories we had heard prior!  So after about 20 minutes of opening the box, Sarah and I had the crib put together, bumper on, and all the animals on the crib!  We are convinced that we must have gotten the easiest crib in the world to assemble, haha!  Now that we have that done, Kaylah's room looks great, and she has nicer furniture than Sarah and I do!! We spent Sunday cleaning/ rearranging our house, and then had a birthday dinner for my mom with Kevin and Janice at my parents place, and had some amazing food and company!!  A perfect ending to an amazing weekend... by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

So for New years Sarah and I are going to spend it with Kenny and Amie keeping it low-key and relaxing!  On New Years day Sarah and I are going to The Farm House Inn, in Forestville, Ca which is just north west of Santa Rosa!  We could not be more excited about getting away for a relaxing weekend up North in the Wine Country!  Now it's Sarah's turn and I am sure she will update a lot faster than I did!!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Mini Vacation in So Cal!

A few weeks ago, we decided to plan a quick November trip down to La Mirada and Laguna Niguel to visit our Grandparents. It was so great to see Grandma Pat and Grandma Eileen - both who cooked up some spectacular food and made for some great company, as always! Ry drove me around the neighborhoods, pointing out where Peg and Ken grew up, the elementary school he used to skate at in the summer, and talked about the cool pond his Grandpa built in the front of the house. We also got to spend some time with Ron and Deb on Friday night, which was a blast! We realized later on that we didn't take any pictures in La Mirada! Ryan and I are still kicking ourselves!! Guess that means we will just have to see everyone again very soon :)

We said our goodbye's to Grandma Eileen on Saturday morning, and made our way down to Laguna Niguel for an early Thanksgiving celebration with my side of the family. We picked up some Honeybaked goodies on the way down to make for an easy celebration, as no one wanted to spend the day cooking when we only had 1 day to hang out with the family (as well as the trip being a bit last-minute, it only made sense!). My parents flew down from Los Gatos for the day, and my brother Andrew made the drive from Santa Barbara (Well, he really only made it half way before his steering column came apart and my parents had to pick him up in Inglewood, but that's a whole other story!)
It was so great to catch up with Grandma Bev and Grandpa Bob, as well as Aunt Pat and Uncle Chris. We only wish everyone lived closer so we would get to see them more often!

It seems like Little Miss really enjoyed her first flight and vacation in So Cal! She is actually kicking me as I type right now, she must have liked the pumpkin cheesecake I just ate (thanks again Peg!). Ryan goes in for his ACL reconstruction surgery on Tuesday the 24th, so we both have a nice short week... if only it were under different circumstances! Definitely worth it in time though~ Anyway, more stories to come on that, I'm sure! That's it for now :)  ~Sarah

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

4D Ultra Sound and a Few Pounds Heavier...

So here we are, Sarah is now 22 weeks pregnant and looking amazing! We decided to get the 4D ultrasound on the 30th of October, we didn't really know what to expect. It was probably the coolest, most relaxing experience we have had while viewing "Little Miss". Finally we were not testing for cystic fibrosis or down syndrome or something of that nature. So now we could be excited and not nervous about what we were going to see! Plus we were still not very sure about the sex officially yet. We had one ultra sound tech say we were having a boy and then the next one said we were having a girl, so you could understand our curiosity!

So there we were, Sarah was lying down on this big very comfortable bed while I was sitting on this little stool! The first question out of both of our mouths almost in unison was, “is it a BOY or GIRL!?” The ultra sound tech says it a beautiful baby GIRL! We were soooo excited and relieved, so now we could pick out names! Our little girl was being a little shy and kept turning away from us so we could not get a good picture of her. Just as soon as the tech was about to call it quits our little girl decided to turn toward us and show us her AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL face!! We could not have had a better experience!

Sarah also had another check up on the Tuesday and our little girl is growing right on track! She is about 11 inches long and weighs just about a pound! Sarah has gained 12lbs and I have gained 10lbs! So Sarah and I are growing healthy and right along with our little girl!

Little Miss is moving around like crazy now also! Every night we lay on the couch and watch TV and feel Little Miss kick and roll around all over the place! For some reason she really likes to watch football! Every time we watch football Little Miss moves like crazy. Two Sundays ago Sarah had the remote control on her belly and all of a sudden the remote starting jumping around! It was pretty amazing, we got to sit and watch her kick the remote for a couple minutes! By the way she acts while we are watching football we are thinking she wants to be the first Female NFL kicker!

We are heading down to Southern California this weekend to spend some time with the Grandparents!! We could not be more excited about it! Anyways, that’s about all the excitement that’s been going on for the past month or so! We will update you all again soon!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We Lead Completely Uneventful Lives... Seriously!

One random (or what I thought was random... Ryan said he was having withdrawls so we just had to go that night) Thursday evening, Ryan and I took a trip over good old highway 17 to Santa Cruz. Since the fires in the mountains had gone a little crazy throughout that past week, we knew it would make for a nice sunset and figured we would head over, walk around, and grab some pizza. We got out of my trusty Jeep (thank God that thing made it over the hill ... eek) and headed down to the lighthouse to get a good look at the colorful skies. I remember a few times I tried to hold Ryan's hand, but for some reason I didn't think twice when he wouldn't take his hands out of his sweatshirt pockets (??) I guess it was cold, and I had my own pockets I could use.

As we walked past the hula-hooping hippies on the lawn, and took a look at the homeless man's cuuute puppy (all in Santa Cruz fun!), I turned to the water to take some shots of the sunset. It just-so-happened that as I turned back around to ask Ryan a question, my question came out more like "...what..!" There was Ryan, on one knee, telling me how wonderful I was... in words that kind of blurred together at the time... eventually ending in "I want to spend the rest of my life with you!" Little did I know, our random Thursday evening in Santa Cruz, would turn into the night we got engaged! I forgot all about the hula-hooping hippies, and our audience (Ryan has admitted he was trying to wait for the perfect time to get down on one knee when there was no one around... but they just wouldnt go away!) and I am pretty sure it was just the two of us standing there after that anyways :) Oh yeah ... I said "Yes!"

After texting and calling pretty much all of our friends and family (and of course, we just had to update our Facebooks with the news... all the time wishing we could change out status to 'engaged', but that would just have to wait until we got home...) for about an hour in the car in the parking lot, we headed over to Pleasure Pizza, grabbed a slice, and sat down next to a nice bonfire on the beach. Who ever said we weren't easy going? :)

After a few weeks of tiresome apartment hunting, and a letdown on "the perfect place", we moved into the real perfect 2 bedroom place on August 21st. We moved to Campbell (well, I did, Ryan was already living at the other end of Campbell), and now we have no intentions of moving from here anytime soon! Thank you to the fam and friends for the great moving and decorating help, it's definitely coming along! I will get some newer pictures up here soon, but for now, here are a few we took when we were just getting settled~

And as if all this news wasn't surprising enough to all of our friends and family, we found out in August that we would be expecting a baby! No, we weren't trying. Yes, we are excited. Thrilled actually :) It only took us 3 tests before we believed it, and even then, it was only made real when we got to see the ultrasound on August 18th (picture below!). We are looking so forward to being Mom and Dad to the little one! More news on this to come, but we are due March 13th, 2010!

Well, for only 6 weeks of planning, the wedding turned out just beautifully, thanks to some great help from our family and friends! We said our vows in Carmel, CA on September 26, 2009.

More pictures to come from the wedding, and definitely more updates to come on Baby Johnson! Keep checking back to see what's new, I guarantee something will be... you must all have figured out by now that we like to keep you on your toes... :) xoxo -Sarah

It begins!

So we have heard from so many people lately that we 'just have to keep them updated' on all of our exciting news, and we think we found a way to do that... a blog! Since we both have family living all over the world, what better way than the internet to bring them up to speed on the lives of Sarah and Ryan... and the little bean of course!