Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March Already?

So, apparently Kaylah hasn't had a chance to read her eviction notice, because she is still posted up and cozy in Mom! Another 10 days until her due date, but we are anxious! I'm not sure why, since we didn't (and I guess still don't...) expect her until the 13th, but when everyone keeps repeating the 3 words "any time now...", we once again think.... ok... SOON!  38 weeks, 4 days... and counting!

Well, I have been off work now since February 12th, and I think that is a major contributor as to why this is now more of a "waiting game" than ever before! We have had time to put the finishing touches on Kaylah's room, wash all of her cute little clothes, and pack the hospital bag full of everything everyone says you HAVE to have when you go into labor. The hospital bag is another fun piece of this waiting game since it sits right by the front door, looking equally anxious as we are for Kaylah to be here!

We really haven't had too much excitement since the last post, but have had a chance to enjoy some well overdue relaxation and family gatherings.

Peggie and Amie threw a fabulous baby shower at the beginning of February, and it was so great to see everyone who made it over for the day! Kaylah now has some awesome onesies waiting for her to show off... we have some very creative friends and family :) Thank you to everyone for another great celebration before the big day arrives, you are all so special to us and we appreciate all of your love and support!

We also took a Basic Baby Care class this month! Yeah, yeah, it probably seems like we are always going to classes, but this was the last one, and it was really helpful (hopefully!). This class went over what to expect when the baby is born, as the last class was all to do with the part leading up to labor, and went over such things as cord care, swaddling, feeding, and all the gadgets that come in handy when having a newborn. I'm sure we are going to remember everything we learned too. ;) Either way, hopefully it prepped us a little more for Kaylah's arrival!

Well, hopefully the next blog will be a little more eventful and I will have some exciting news that labor is progressing and Kaylah is on her way! Fingers crossed ;) We will keep you all updated! xoxo Sarah

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